What am I using?

I don’t think I’m any different to most other radio amateurs, so the equipment flow is varying all the time. Radios in, radios out, antennas up and antennas down – intentionally or not
. Just look at the 2012 field day picture.

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A pwerful gust of wind trashed our little camp
A powerful gust of wind trashed our little camp

I’ve had numerous HF rigs, both large and small, good and bad. I still haven’t settled on a specific brand or type of radio (I probably shouldn’t either), but somehow it tends to be Yaesu rigs I end up with
. As with women, cars and computers, they have to be swapped for something newer at some point.

Current list of devices is as follows:

HF and combined rigs:



  • LDG S9v31 vertical
  • Longwire connected to an Icom AH-3 tuner
  • Homemade OCF dipole in an inverted vee
  • Random lenghts of wire and dipoles for field use

Other peripherals worth mentioning:

Radial field
Radial field


I will make a new article regarding the setup, descriptions, history and pictures. Meanwhile, have a glimpse at the radial field I put down last summer 😉