AnyTone AT-D878UV codeplug for Norway

It’s been a while now and the hobby has pretty much been on hold, apart from some field days and general 2m/70cm rag chew. Unfortunately, the local repeaters are more or less idle all the time, but the DMR community is growing bigger for every week. Seems like most of the DMR users are using hotspots, but thankfully we see new hilltop repeaters with DMR that we all can use.

Last year I got my second DMR radio; a nifty little thing from AnyTone (that I should’ve written a review for when I got it, but it’s too late now)

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. I was one of the first owners of this radio in Norway, so I had to make a decent codeplug myself. The bare bones others have used for the 868 and similar was too unconsistant for me, so I made one from scratch. Many hams have now bought this radio, and it seems like my codeplug is the one being spread. To make access to this codeplug easier, I will put it at this site for you to enjoy. The codeplug have been updated many, many times – and it will continue to be updated. So, if you want a codeplug that contains all known DMR and analog repeaters for amateur radio in Norway – this might be the one for you.

Codeplug is created with CPS and FW 1.19. Contact database as of 08.08.2020. All zones had to be reworked due to some corruptions when I imported the CSV from Excel.
Download codeplug here.