New blog is active

Well, it sure took some time to take this step
. I’ve had this site for a number of years, but haven’t really put much into keeping it alive
. The site was registered back in 2003, but haven’t been any useful stuff on it since 2004. Earlier this week, I started a big cleanup to remove old content and fix security holes. Yep, the site was hacked and full of dubious links and files – it’s all gone now 🙂

This site should be about one of my hobbies, ham-radio! It’s a fantastic hobby where you can get in touch with people all over the world (and even entities flying around the earth). You do not need any internet connection to achieve this and you’re not relying on any current infrastructure if sh*t hits the fan
. Of course, internet, power and other infrastructure is nice to have, but most of us hams are set up to be independant of this if the situation requires it

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. More on this later, but have a look at if you want to read what ARRL says about the subject.

Anyway, I’m off to complete this install and write some articles about the hobby. Will post lots of pictures when I get around to do it.

73 de LA1HSA